Merit Badges-XL

Advancement Cards

Merit Badge Blue Card


White Advancement Information Card

The blue card consists of three parts.


This portion of the blue card is giving to the Advancement Chair, after the scout has finished doing the merit badge and the counselor signs the card, The Advancement Chair will make a report and take it to the Council Office.

  1. Scout needs to fill in their personal information.
  2. Scout fills in; Check the “Boy Scout” box, fill in “Troop” and unit is “219”.
  3. Scout fills in for District; “Skyway” and for Council; “West Central Florida Council”


This portion of the card will be given back to the scout at the Court of Honor, along with a white card indicating that he has earned that particular merit badge and the merit badge patch, The Scout must keep these two cards in a safe place and the patch sewn to his merit badge sash.

In order to keep these two cards in a safe place, the ideal way is in a binder and with Baseball Trading Cards Pages to keep them safe, he must keep all the merit badges cards that he earned.

As he advance in ranks Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, Star and Life he will be given rank advancements cards, he also have to use the same method in keeping these cards. He is going to need all of these cards when applying for the rank of Eagle.

  1. Scout fills in their “Name” and the “Merit Badge”.


The Counselor will keep the portion that read COUNSELOR’S RECORD.

It is suggested that the counselor keep this record for at least one year in case any question is raised later in regard to this award.

  1. Scout fills in “Applicant” with their name.
  2. Scout checks the “Boy Scout” and fills in “219” for unit number.
  3. Scout fills in “Merit Badge” with the merit badge he is working on.

Example Blue Card (Application):


Example White Card (Completion):


If you have questions or concerns regarding advancement cards, please contact our acting Scout Chairperson, Michel Sill or our Eagle Chairperson, Sheryl Barnes.