Past Events


Cancelled Events

  • Aqua Academy Cancelled (9/19 to 9/21)

Important Information Regarding Events

Please be aware of and read our Event Protocols and Event Preparations, so you know how to prepare for our events and you understand the nature of activities our troop follows for events. Also, please review and subscribe to our Troop’s Calendar, so you are up to date on changes as they occur.

Registration Deadlines for Events

Registration for camp outs (unless specified otherwise) is due 10 days before the event. For example, if your scout plans to camp Oct. 24-26 at the Fort DeSoto District Camporee, you must register on our website by the end of the day on Tuesday, Oct. 14.

Review and Subscribe to the Troop Calendar

Please subscribe to our Troop’s Calendar with your smart phones and computers. This will make your lives a little bit easier and allow you to plan more effectively.

Here are the instructions:



Step 1 – Go to the Website at






Step 2 – On the Calendar page, go down to the lower right of the page and select on Subscribe. Pick your preferred calendar and accept the subscription in your calendar tool.

This will let you keep up to date on our activities and events, even when new events are added, changed, or removed.




If you questions and/or suggestions, please contact our Outdoor Camping and Events Coordinator and Assistant Scout Master, Curtis Cruise.